Once been her husband…

7 July 2010 in Foot Cuckold

…now he is just a slave to her. A sad change if you look back and guess that they have been married for so long – once they have really loved each other and then she found out what he really is into and well, that was the point. She couldn’t accept him anymore! It was ridiculous for her to love someone who is that kind devoted to feet and also submissive like a whimp. Maybe it was the usage but she also was not ready to give him up instead of that she tried to cotton up having him as her personal slave and it worked. Leashed and forced to stay in chastity she does everything to him he always wished – it’s quite not much: He is allowed to work, he wears this chastity belt, she manages all his income, he lives in the smallest room of the house and keeps the whole house up by cleaning it – he even cooks for her and his lover and serves champagne when they are watching movies or something. All the time he wears his pink sissy suite. He isn’t a “husband” anymore, he is her cuckold. There is no sex anymore, the only parts he is allowed to worship or to kiss from time to time are her sweaty smelly feet and her royal ass – and last one mostly when her new stud isn’t at home.

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7 July 2010 Foot Cuckold

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