Just an ashtray nothing more

21 July 2010 in Femdom

Lady Tessa and Miss Lindsey are sitting outside in their garden having a cigarette and a conversion.  In the middle there is this whimp laying on the ground looking straight up into the sky – he is totally ignored by them and as you ask yourself why he is laying there, Tessa holds her cigarette over his mouth and drops her ashes right into it as if it would be the most normal thing in the world! Lindsey smiles and snickers, she always loves his pathetic coughs when he breathes in those aches particles. As he tries to get quit of the throat tickle she shuts him up with the sole of her stinky foot. Both girls are listening and as he started to sniff them like a pervert little slut they break out in laughter. “Tess I cannot believe this fag’s once been your husband…”

2 Foot Girls

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21 July 2010 Femdom

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