What is Footcuckold ?

26 June 2010 in Foot Cuckold

Well to answer this question I’ll first explain what cuckolding is, that seems to be more expedient to me. Imagine yourself having a girlfriend or a wife and you both are having a partnership. You are doing axcursions together you are watching movies, having nice days but – and thats the point – you both won’t have sex in a normal way. She has, but not with you! She’d rather pick some of those sexy muscular guys with that brown skin, athletic body and of course that bigger cock. Instead of sex you are living with a chastity belt – for Example. In most cases, those relationships are totally overdone. The poor husbands are slaves and are just good for bringing the money, working all day long and after they arrive back home they are made to serve their wife or girlfriend and sometimes even their boyfriend. Every “normal” guy would just leave the girl or woman but in your case it’s not that easy – you are perverted, have somekind of fetish and finding a woman that accepts you as you are, will make a big challange. Then there is also that “addiction” part. The slaves are teased but they cannot cum because of that chastity belt – and with every day in this slave-relationship, the slave gets more addicted until he gets so far that he would even do thing he actually never thought about. Its also all about humiliation – those girls are having fun breaking every limit their weak pathetic slaves have. So far about cuckolding, well and a footcuckold isn’t anything more than just an known forced footservant. There’s also no sex in this relationship, but the woman knows that he is totally into feet and this knowledge gives her the power to control him everywhere and everytime. She simply dangles her feet in front of him, and disallows him to touch them which will get him boiling and also make him become addicted. Those guys haven’t any chance to escape, because she can always show off her feet to get him back into his place and role and if he’s wearing a chastity device he won’t have one second with normal thoughts, so he will stay trapped with his minds focused on her perfect feet all the time. And keeps injecting the drug by making him lick her soles or dirty shoes in front of her boyfriend. He keeps falling into that hole and he will continue doing everything she wants if she only allows him to touch or just see her bare feet.


26 June 2010 Foot Cuckold

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