You only sniff her scent

3 October 2017 in Foot Cuckold

Do you think you are good enough for Mistress Liana?

Of course you arent! You are just her foot cuckold! In fact she has a real good looking lover and shes not a loser like you are!

So sniff her feet now! That the only reason Mistress Liana is talking with you!


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Kiss and sniff her feet

17 June 2017 in Foot Cuckold

Are you ready to kiss and sniff the feet from your goddess?

Mistress Amanda Rey forced you to lilck and sniff her sexy bare feet!

You know that she has a lover and to licking her feet is just the beginning!

Because you are slave you also have to lick the feet of her lover soon!

Foot Cuckold Slave from Amanda Rey

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Business Lady and her Foot Cuckold Slave

15 June 2017 in Foot Domination

Business Lady Misha is a real dominant and arrogant woman!

She likes foot slaves which licking and sniffing her feet. But for all other moments of her life she prefers real alpha men!

This slave isnt an alpha man – this slave is from now on just her personal foot cuckold slave!

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You are here to sniff her socks

7 December 2016 in Foot Cuckold

What do you think? Do you think you a “real” man? No – of course you arent a real man!

You are just a betamale and you life to be a cuckold you life to worship feet.

Knee down and sniff Cindys sweaty socks and feet now – because thats the only one you can do!

Click here to worship her feet

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Mistress Nora Marinelli’s Foot Cuckold

11 June 2016 in Foot Cuckold

Mistress Nora likes to have sex with real men and not with loser like you. You have to wear your chastity belt and kiss her feet and when the mistress have enough from you – she puts her panties in your mouth and you can sniff her feet while she where fucked by a real man with a sexy body and big dick!

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Forced to lick his shoes

5 December 2015 in Foot Cuckold

Humiliation for the cuckold slave.

Now the Master forced the cuckold slave to lick his shoes while the Mistress watching this situation.


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You are her foot cuckold

27 January 2015 in Foot Cuckold

Lady Gina Blue wants you to lick her feet! You are her cuckold foot slave and you have to do whatever she wants!


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Banana under her feet

7 June 2014 in Foot Cuckold

You are sexy Jennys foot cuckold today! You can watch her durig she crushes with her barefeet a banana! Look at her sexy feet! You wanna lick them clean?


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Socks Cuckold

27 May 2014 in Foot Cuckold

Princess Jenny forced you to be her socks cuckold.

You have to inhale the stinky socks of her boyfriend.

You will do ? You must !!!

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7 May 2014 in Foot Cuckold

Sexy footgirl Jenny is showing you her naked feet because you are her foot cuckold slave! Adore her naked feet during she is sitting in the car! Come closer and go down on your knees!


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